Atlas Translational PhD Program

Projects offered

Project number Title of the project Unit/Location
P01 Targeting metastasizing tumor cells for the prevention of metastasis (MTC-target) Therapeutic cardiology (Mainz, Germany)
P02 RNA-based modulation of iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes for heart repair (RiPS-Cardio) Therapeutic cardiology (Mainz, Germany)
P03 Functional characterization of a novel uveal melanoma target Expression and cell biology (Mainz, Germany)
P04 Metabolism Directed Cancer Immunotherapy (MERCI) Immunotherapies and Preclinical Research: Cancer Vaccines (Mainz, Germany)
P05 Development of the circular RNA platform for protein expression RNA Optimization & Internal Contract Synthesis (Mainz, Germany)
P06 Generation and engineering of a mRNA-encoded broadly neutralizing antibody cocktail against HIV BiMAB & IDV (Mainz, Germany)
P07 Whole-Genome Sequencing and individualised cancer treatment Bioinformatics (Mainz, Germany)
P08 Development of an mRNA firetruck to promote multi-targeted individualized mRNA therapy for chronic pain recovery Inflammation and Tissue Damage (Mainz, Germany)
P09 Optimizing mRNA sequence design by combining data mining from nature with novel algorithmic approaches (OptiRNA) RNA Biochemistry and CMC Development (Mainz, Germany)