Atlas Translational PhD Program

Who is eligible to apply?

You have a Master's degree (or you expect to complete your Master's degree and are able to begin your PhD within six months after being accepted into the PhD Program) in Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Life Science, Medicine, Immunology, Computer Science or related fields.

You have a good command of English.

By when do I have to apply?

The call is now closed. Please check out our website in autumn 2024 for more information about our next call for applications.

When and where will my interview days take place?

The interviews days dates will be announced shortly after the opening of the call. The onsite interview will take place in Mainz, Germany.

When is the starting date?

The starting date would be 1-4 months from the onsite interview days.
This will also depend on the project and the project supervisor requirements.

Who pays for my travel and accommodation during the interview days?

If you are invited to the interview days, your travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by our program. We will send you details on reimbursement of travel expenses and accomodation with our invitation email.

Will I be paid via a stipend or a contract?

We very much value our PhD students contribution to our research. Therefore, all our PhD students are employed via contracts.

What is the salary of a PhD student at TRON and BioNTech?

The exact salary you will receive depends on your personal circumstances (such as your marital status, whether you have children,...). Generally speaking, the salary we offer is above the average of the German remuneration for PhD students in biology. 

Please note that all of our PhD students are paid until they have completed their PhD, i.e. until they have handed in their PhD thesis.

How long does a PhD thesis take in our program?

PhD students typically hand in their thesis within 4-5 years. 

Are there tuition fees for the PhD Program?

No, the PhD positions and the training program are fully financed by TRON and BioNTech and require no tuition fees.

Most of our PhD students choose to be enrolled with the University of Mainz (JGU). This enrollment incurs semester fees of approx. €330. It comes with student benefits, such as free use of public transport in Mainz and a large region surrounding it. It further gives you subsidised access to the university´s cafeterias and sport center.

Do I need to register with a university?

TRON and BioNTech do not award academic degrees. Therefore, we partner with universities, such as the University of Mainz.

What is the working language of our PhD program?

The working language of the program is English.

Where will be the PhD positions located?

The positions are mainly located in Mainz, Germany. Exceptions to this can be found in the project description.

What is the cost of living in Germany?

You can find information on cost of living for students in Germany here:

For finding accommodation in Germany, you can visit the following links:, student dormitory in Mainz

Do I need to apply for a visa?

A work visa or a residency permit is required for non-EU citizens who wish to pursue a PhD in Germany.